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Proceedings from the Conferences on Technology for Second Language Learning (TSLL) [Archive]


Synthesizing Research on Computer-Assisted vs. Classroom Second/Foreign Language Instruction
Funded by Iowa State University

Research Team: Carol A. Chapelle, TESL/AL Professor, and Maja Grgurovic, ALT PhD student

This project examines findings on the effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) through analysis of comparison studies on computer-assisted vs. traditional language instruction from 1970s to 2006. These studies compare the language learning outcomes of teaching using computer technology (such as CALL programs, web, computer applications) and using face-to-face instruction without any technology. To help CALL researchers efficiently identify relevant comparison studies, a database of more than 85 empirical second and foreign language studies was compiled. The studies were obtained by a computer search of three electronic databases (LLBA, ERIC, and Dissertation Abstracts) and a hand search of six journals (CALL, System, CALICO Journal, ReCALL, LLT, and TESOL Quarterly). Readers can search the database using a key word search or categories in drop-down menus. A short synthesis of comparison studies by language skills was also created. The second phase of the project will involve a meta-analysis of database studies. Read more and search the database...